A Place with Just About Everything

Nazarene Campground Amenities

This campground has been turned into parade central, a lazer tag arena, a concert hall, and even an outdoor movie theater. There’s almost nothing that can’t be done here. You just have to ask.

The Lake

The centerpiece of the Retreat Center's main property is a one-acre lake, which features a lighted fountain. This tranquil setting offers a peaceful and soothing atmosphere for relaxation and personal reflection. Like to fish? Bring your fishing rod along and try your luck around the lake. You'll likely find a good assortment of pan fish and even an occasional bass lurking around.

Paved Walkway

A paved walkway encircles the lake, offering guests the perfect opportunity for a casual stroll with friends, or a good hard run! Six laps around the lake and you have completed your "morning mile."


Paddleboats are available for guest's use on the lake during the summer season. They will give you a good workout, or an opportunity to enjoy just being on the water.

Peaceful Nooks

Scattered around the lake you will find gliders nestled beneath the shade trees. It's a perfect place to meet with God, have some meaningful conversation with a friend, or curl up with a good book.

Swimming Pool

The retreat center operates a commercial-sized swimming pool during the summer months. This hot-weather treat will accommodate 35 - 50 swimmers for water games, fun times, exercise, or just plain cooling off!

Ball Field

Dixon Field is a sports field that is designed for baseball and softball games, but can be used for other purposes as well.

Outdoor Volleyball Court

Everyone loves volleyball and especially this court. Everything is in place and ready for a pick-up team or for more serious competition.

Outdoor VolleySquare

A relatively new sport but one that takes a lot of energy and timing. Easy to learn and a great way to burn calories and have fun.

Dodgeball Pit

Dodgeball has been part of the camp history. We have the grandchildren of early dodgeball campers now playing in this specially designed Gaga pit.

Creekside Pavilion with Covered Patio Available

Seating for small or large parties, this is a beautiful setting for both early morning and evening sessions.


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