The Gunter Camp & Conference center has a lasting legacy of great men & women that have served, as well as tremendous love & support from people all over the state of South Carolina. Here’s some highlights since the camp’s inception in 1949.
  • 2018

    Completed construction of Creekside Pavilion, and up-fitted it with commercial tables, stand-up conversation bars, lighting, ceiling fans, and a fully-furnished Canteen. Demolished old Canteen building and began developing this area as “green space” with the addition of two new swings along the creek.
  • 2016

    Completed the demolition and removal of the old dining hall.
  • 2016

    Completed construction of a new steel-reinforced concrete walk bridge across Rocky Creek to provide access to our new Creekside Pavilion.
  • 2015

    Completed the installation of a new Laundry facility and Linen Storage in the building behind Pelham Dorm.
  • 2014

    Completed construction of Heritage Commons, our new dining and conference center.
  • 1999

    Dr. Nina Gunter, Dr. Talmadge Johnson, The Gessners and The Sharpe's are our special workers. Many improvements have been made over the last 50 years and we anticipate even greater things here in Batesburg in the future.
  • 1998

    Rev. Nelson Perdue,, Rev. Michael Palmer and The Pfeifer Singers were our special workers. New sound system installed, new air condition installed in the Dining Hall. Home for the Camp Manager completed.
  • 1997

    Rev. Stuart McWhirter, Dr. Eugene Wells, and The Well's Family were the special workers.
  • 1996

    Rev. Norman Moore, Dr. Gary Henecke and The Pfeiffers were our special workers.
  • 1995

    Jimmy Dell, Rev. Nelson Purdue and Todd and Marianne Webb were our special workers. The kitchen was remodeled putting in walk-in coolers. Workers dorms remodeled along with The Hammond Dorm. Chapel building completed, the parsonage has been air conditioned.
  • 1994

    Dr. Charles Milhuff, Dr. Bob Hoots and Bill and Terrie Cobb were the special workers.
  • 1993

    Dr. Jim Diehl, Rev. Don Pfeifer and the Pfeifer Family were the special workers.
  • 1992

    Dr. Dick Strickland, Dr. Stephen Green and the Pfeifer's were the special workers. The swimming pool and bathhouse were constructed. along with the "T.W. Mitchell" Dorm.
  • 1991

    Dr. Stephen Manley, Dr. Gary Henecke and Keith and Patty Showalters were the special workers. Plans were made to build a swimming pool and bath house.
  • 1990

    Dr. Jim Diehl, Rev. Don Pfeifer and The Pfeifer Sing our special workers. Concrete drive way put in which added greatly to the campgrounds.
  • 1989

    Dr. Stephen Manley, Dr. Bill McCumber and The Pfeifer's were the special workers.
  • 1988

    Dr. V.H. Lewis, Chic Shaver and Wally and Ginger Laxson were our special workers. Pledges were made this year towards the new tabernacle. A Camp Board report from the 83-84 District Journal reads...."a new tabernacle with a seating capacity 1,400 (preacher's estimate) that is valued at over $200,000 was constructed on our camp grounds. The building debt is $100,000." Dr. James Bearden, DS ordered new chairs which will help with the overflow crowd.
  • 1987

    Dr. Bill Prince, Rev. Don Pfeifer and the Pfeifer Singers were our special workers.
  • 1986

    Dr. William McCumber, Dr. Stephen Manley and The Pfeifer Singers were the special workers.
  • 1985

    Dr. Orville Jenkins and various local ministers and Dave and Dana Blue were the special workers. Plans to close in the tabernacle by 1985 were under way and also a New Workers Dorm built in 1984. Mitchell Quick takes over as camp manager.
  • 1984

    Dr. William Prince, Rev. Don Pfeifer and the p. Singers were our special workers. Pledges were made in the amount of $115,000 to build the new tabernacle.
  • 1983

    Record attendance of families living on the grounds. Work on new property continues. Dr. Harold Loman, Dr. Talmadge Johnson and Wally and Ginger Laxson were our special workers.
  • 1982

    Dr. Harold Loman., Rev. Talmadge Johnson and Wally and Ginger Laxson were the special workers.
  • 1981

    Rev. Dick Strickland, Dr. Bill McCumber and The Greens were our special workers.
  • 1980

    New property was purchased, record attendance (about 1,500) and $57,000 raised for improvements. Rev. Moody Gunter, DS.
  • 1979

    Dr. Elmer Schmelzenbach, Dr. John A. Knight and Barry and Tavia Dutton were the special workers.
  • 1978

    Dr. T.W. Willingham, Rev. Bill Erickson and Chuck and Mary Jackson were our special workers.
  • 1977

    Various preachers from across the district preached for us and Jim and Rosemary Green provided our special music.
  • 1976

    Dr. Elmer Schmelzenbach, Dr. John A. Knight,Jr., and the Duttons were our special workers. Improvements included 3,000 gallon water tank, steps at the side of the tabernacle and a public address system.
  • 1975

    Wally and Ginger Laxson did the music but no record of who the speakers were. Improvements included electrical wiring and landscaping. A cabin was purchased for our kitchen staff to use and carpet was put in the workers dorm.
  • 1974

    Dr. and Mrs. Lyle Eckley, Dr and Mrs. Leon Chambers. Al and Beverly Wood and Mrs. Ruth Leviner were our special workers.
  • 1973

    Dr. G.B. Williamson, Rev. Chuck Millhuff. Jonathan and Paula Sparks and Mrs. Audrey Williamson were our special workers.
  • 1972

    Dr. Mark Moore, Rev Ben Marlin and Calvin and Marjorie Jantz were our special workers.
  • 1971

    This year they removed the sawdust floor & poured the cement floor in the tabernacle. The dining hall was enlarged, a new water system put in, the Amphitheater built and the pier on the lake was built. Two new dorms were built to be used for workers.
  • 1970

    Rev. Forest McCullough, Rev.Jack H. Lee and Wally and Ginger Laxson were our special workers.
  • 1969

    Dr. Hardy C. Powers Dr. John L. Knight, Paul McNutt were our special workers. New decking, new roof, and a cement floor for the tabernacle were just a few of the renovations. Two new dormitories constructed and we remodeled the Caretakers house.
  • 1968

    Rev. Reuben Welch and Rev. Terrell Sanders we speakers with James Bohi doing the singing.
  • 1967

    Special workers were Dr. Gene Phillips, Dr William Greathouse and Boyce and Catherine Pierce.
  • 1966

    Dr. Russell V. DeLong, Rev. Paul McGrady, and Ralph and Joanne Dunmire were our special workers. The tin roof was finally replaced.
  • 1965

    Dr. T. W. Willingham and Dr. Edward Lawlor along with The Singing Smiths were the special workers.
  • 1964

    Dr. W. T. Purkiser, Rev. Paul Stewart and Bro, and Sister Jack Bierce were the special workers.
  • 1963

    Rev. Ralph Sexton, Dr. Mendell Taylor and The Merediths were our special workers. New kitchen built which included a walk-in cooler, new ranges, new serving bar and additional tables and equipment. We purchased 2 new workers cabins by the lake and also built a 4 room workers dorm. New roofs were put in on some of the existing buildings.
  • 1962

    Rev. J.C. Crabtree and Rev. Earnest Armstrong and Paul Qualls were the special workers.
  • 1961

    Rev. John Knight and The Huffs were the special workers.
  • 1960

    Rev. A.E. Kelly and Dr. Otto Stucki and The Meredith's were the special workers.
  • 1959

    Rev. J.C. Crabtree and Rev. Ernest Armstrong and the Huffs were the special workers.
  • 1958

    Dr. T. W. Willingham and Rev. D.D. Lewis and Dwight and Norma Jean Meredith were the special workers. Rev. Ben Marlin was the D.S.
  • 1957

    Dr. T. W. Willingham and Rev. Sammy Sparks along with Jack Bierce were the special workers.
  • 1956

    Rev. John Logan and Rev. D. S. Summerville along with The Huff's and The Cooks were our special workers.
  • 1955

    Dr. John L. Knight and Rev. Victor Gray and the Singing Smiths were the special workers for this camp. Rey Thaxton had six new cabins built and then sold them to people from the district. Among those who purchased those cabins were Rev. E.N. Gunter and Rev. Jerry Lewis. There was also new cots purchased for the dorms and new dishes for the Dining Hall. The Ping Pong Shed was also built which became a favorite hang out for many young people over the years.
  • 1954

    Under the leadership of Rev. D.W. Thaxton improvements continue. The completion of the Camp Shed (tabernacle) was a great addition with it's sawdust floor and open sides and back. I must say the kids loved playing in the sawdust and when the old saints got blessed they really stirred up the dust. There was one problem with the tin roof. Back in those days there was no PA system and when it would rain during the service (which happened quite often the preachers would have to quit preaching till the rain would stop because you could not hear them preaching. WORKERS for this camp were Brother Gene Phillips and The Huff's did the singing.
  • 1953

    Rev. Cloer was D.S. and work was begun on the Camp Shed (what they called the tabernacle). Improvements were made on the Dining Hall which included purchasing gas ranges and having a shallow well drilled.
  • 1952

    Rev. Ray Cloer was District Superintendent. Services still held in the tent. Our workers were Dr. T.M. Anderson and Rev. William Diehl.
  • 1951

    People who lived as far away as a mile could hear the shouts of victory at this campmeeting. We used our local preachers and The Bowman's did the music. $1,500 was raised to build the tabernacle and a dormitory.
  • 1950

    The first camp meeting service was held on a Sunday afternoon in June, 1950. That afternoon Rev. E.N. Gunter preached for us and Gene and Lanora Smith sang. There was a gentleman from a Free Methodist church that had come in to play the piano for us. He really knew how to get us in the spirit of camp meeting The meal for the day was Fried Chicken with homemade mashed potatoes.According to Lena Haley and I quote, "I have never peeled so many potatoes in all my life." The meal was prepared under the supervision of Rev. C.M. ‘Red’ Kelly. The following people were his assistants. Mrs. Soo Kelly, Rev. A.E. Kelly Mrs. Flora Kelly, W.E "Red" Haley, Mrs. Lena Haley and Mrs. R.T. McElveen.
  • 1949

    Rev. C.M. "Red" Kelly purchased Camp Grounds. We purchased ten acres of land, a 2 acre pond, and six buildings for $4,000.00.
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