Choosing the Right Campground for Youth Camp
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May 15, 2019
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July 16, 2019
Campground For Youth Camp

Finding the perfect youth camp location goes far beyond choosing a facility that’s right for your budget. You also need to ask important questions that will help ensure that you have all the elements that your children’s camp needs. Here are important questions you should ask yourself and your prospective camp facility when searching for the right Nazarene camp to book for your retreat:

  1. What type of facility are you looking for? Depending on the size of your group, you can definitely find a facility that’s big enough for your party and has enough amenities to accommodate your activities. Ask yourself if you want the entire campground to yourself or would you mind sharing with another group? Exclusive use of an entire campground may cost you more, though, so keep this in mind when making your choice.
  2. What kind of planning support will the camp site offer? Will your host site be involved in your programming? Can they provide program enhancements for the types of activities you have in mind? Can you go off-site when needed? These are all important questions you may want to ask when narrowing down your options.
  3. What’s included in their price package? This is a crucial subject to discuss with your camp site director and administrator. Watch out for charges that could inflate your final bill, like additional supplies, service charges on venue support, meals, and other services, etc.
  4. What aspect of camp planning do you value the most? Is it your budget? Your program objectives? Your participants? Determining this will help you choose a venue that best caters to your program’s most valued objective, be it keeping true to a tight budget, achieving your program goals (e.g. bettering the lives of your youth delegation, teaching them about faith, etc.), or perhaps making your camp attendees feel pampered and special through personalized materials, in-room gifts, etc.

Gunter Camp and Conference Center is an excellent choice for a Nazarene camp site and grounds for your next children’s camp or youth camp. This 25-acre retreat and conference center is superbly located in rural Aiken County. It offers a long list of features any camp organizer would love to have in their campgrounds. Among these include a huge dining and conference center, enough motel and dormitory accommodations for 270, a chapel and a tabernacle, a ball field, amphitheatre, private cottages, and a lake.

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