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July 16, 2019
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Planning a church retreat can be a challenging feat. Whether it is a short weekend getaway or a reflective retreat that you are planning, one of the first things that you should look for is the right Christian conference center and venue to host your program. Here are some important things you should consider when looking for the right retreat and conference center:

  1.   Take time weighing your options. Blindly choosing a facility—or worse still, choosing one only because it is what your budget can afford—can lead to disastrous results. The best approach to choosing a facility is to create a list of the things you want in a retreat place so that you can narrow down your options based on what your program calls for. Not all retreat camps and venues are equipped or designed for the kind of event or program that you want to conduct, so choose carefully which retreat and conference center to include on your shortlist so you won’t have to deal with disappointments later.
  2.   Look for an accessible site. You don’t have to go out into the wilderness just to get a sense of seclusion you want for your retreat. The best retreat centers are situated in sheltered, secluded, yet verily accessible locations—and one that you won’t have to spend hours just to get to. If you need to conserve time, choose one that is just far enough so you can spend more time relaxing rather than traveling.
  3.   Choose a site that is well staffed. Another secret to a great retreat is choosing a venue that is staffed by experienced, trained, and knowledgeable staff. This means people who can help make your retreat as successful as possible and can provide you with the support you need throughout the duration of your camp. You want them to take some of the work off your hands so you can focus on the needs of your campers and delegates.
If you are looking for a Christian Conference Center in rural Aiken, Gunter Camp offers the perfect retreat, designed to help you and your campers get refreshed and renewed through all kinds of retreat activities. The facility spans over 25 acres, featuring plenty of spaces to be one with nature and truly renew your mind, body, and spirit. Included in the facility are a range of other amenities including a conference center, dormitory and motel accommodations, privately owned cottages, a tabernacle and a chapel, an amphitheater, and several recreational facilities. 

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