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Training Conference

Training conferences and seminars form part of successful business training. Companies that care about the personal development and career advancement of their employees typically offer their people training conference opportunities that not only contribute to their loyalty and value as stakeholders in the company, but also help the organization become more productive, profitable, and united in reaching their goals.

Central to training conference planning is your choice of a conference space rental facility. Conference venues and meeting spaces are booked well in advance and you don’t want to make the mistake of planning too close to your conference date, which oftentimes mean settling for less while having to pay more in rental and rush service fees. The key is giving yourself ample time—well before your target date—to plan every detail of the event and organize everything with care. This will help you avoid common pitfalls too many event hosts make when planning their activities hastily.

At the minimum, experienced conference planners give themselves between 4 and 6 months of planning before the actual event date. This gives them enough time not only to check their tasks off their planning list, but also to double check everything before rolling out.

Here are some useful tips to remember when planning a training conference:

Training Conference

Know your goals and objectives: 

Establish the purpose for the seminar and write down your goals—this is crucial not only when it comes to laying out all the details of your training program, but also in measuring whether or not your event has been successful.

Set a rough estimate of your budget: 

If you are conducting a training program for profit, it pays to set a clear profit goal to ensure all the needs of the event will be properly compensated. Just the same, whether or not you are conducting a training conference for profit, you want to make sure that you have enough money to take care of everything from your training materials to the conference space rental, your resource speakers, food and refreshments, equipment rental, and other miscellaneous expenses.

Set target dates:

With your conference date as your main target, set your calendar to include timelines for when you need to get specific aspects of preparation done. This will help you keep the rest of your team on track in the months, weeks, and days leading up to the conference.

Look for the perfect venue: 

Which location will best serve your attendees? What’s your target audience volume? What activities do you have planned? Will it be a formal sit-down lecture or will attendees have to break out in smaller groups at some point? These are only some of the important questions you should consider when looking for the right conference space rental for the event.

At Gunter Camp, you have a range of rental spaces to choose from for any kind of training conference you might be planning. From corporate training to organizational lectures, talks, and conferences, the camp offers a long list of meeting space options for your cause.

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